Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good News

I just came back from the second visit from Surat. We were there to check out the construction progress.
(First visit were during May3rd to May5th for the title deed transferred.)
We drove from Bangkok to Surat on May28th and backed on May30th.

During the past month from April15th to May28th, the construction were progressing slowly.
The contractor didn't give it a full attention due to their other commitment.
But they promised that from now on, we will have their full attention as their other sites have been completed.

During our trip, we inspected the quality of the contractor's work and were not very satisfied with the quality of their workmanships. We found many cracks on the cement floor and informed them to be more careful for the next time.
As my husband is a civil engineer by profession, he advised them on how it happened and how to prevent and correct these cracks.

Today,June 3rd, they will work on the first floor columns.

Good news we heard today is that, the road in front of our land is currently a very narrow and unpaved road.
But today, many contractors from local authorities came to the area to widen the road and next step is to pave the current dirt road into a cement road, wow!

We hope that our Bird House will be finished at about the same time as the cemented road.
That would be very nice, right?

Updated on Jun 13th,2010
The cement road have now completed, as a public project this was surprisingly fast!
My BH, a private project is still going so.... slowly.




Rainy season is coming, there are now water in the pond. Thank God that we finished our first floor beam before the heavy down pour. Otherwise our beam would have strength problem as all the wooden supports were stood on the harden soil.

Jun 18th, the second floor beam.

Second floor Beam1

Second Floor Beam2

Updated by photo, Jun25th, second floor column. Water under the building looked clearer now.



Monday July 5th, third floor beam.

Floor Drain

The surroundings, the road in front.

July10th, third floor beam finished.Water under the building are very clear with nice greenish blue color.

Wall on first floor are now up. For certain reason, bricks are different on north and south side.

Jul17th, a very little progress, sigh! Not quite sure it will be finished by end of September or not.



July 23rd, third floor column, two weeks behind schedule!