Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The current design.

After all the modification, the current design is as the following:

Current plan 15 Jun 2011

A friend recommended us to change the partition as the picture below, as the above partition will block the flying path of birds for easy in easy out. The new partition will help boost the no. of birds staying on third floor, as this third floor area will be more private to birds. But my partner does not agree to, ego, ego, sigh!

proposed plan

June 21st, 2011. After a long discussion followed by a summary write up of what have been done so far and what are the results, and my 6 convincing emails to my partner. He agreed to take out the partition that blocked the flying path of birds into second floor. But he still do not agree to put on a new partition as recommended by a friend. Need more time to convince him, I guess.

After the partition was taken out, on that same day during the whole afternoon, I saw the highest number of birds inside my BH! Many birds also flew down to second floor freely. Checking with the CCTV records, it was confirmed that the no. of records inside the house for both third floor and second floor were the highest ever! Birds count on that evening is 33, almost 100% increase from the stagnant no. of 18 for 6 months!

So now the current plan is as below, much easier for birds to fly in and out. The partition was a big mistake!

Jun21. 2011

More Improvements.

As the rate of increase is still low, we did many more improvements to our house as followings:

1. May 20th,2011, put 18 bags of fresh bird shits on all floors to cover up the strong cement smell as recommended by many friends..
2. May 21th,2011, added two more speakers at the end of third floor to pull in birds deeper.
3. May 30th,2011, changed internal pulling sound to Ben's sound.
4. May 31th,2011, put some of the dried bird shits in 24 containers with water added to stimulate more smell to cover the cement smell. Put an ultrasonic mist maker in operation in the roving room to cool down the temperature in this room. Since we closed the open roof, the temperature inside the roving room and inside the house is higher as hot air couldn't get out thru the open roof.
5. June 2nd, 2011, added 4 more bags of fresh bird shits on the floor. Cut off the M49 speaker at the main entrance and cut off the two speakers below the nesting entrance as these speakers only encourage the birds to play with the speakers in the roving room and not going inside the nesting room. A friend also helped tuning the internal sound to be more natural.
With all the above improvements, still to no avail, the no. of birds staying didn't increase at all. There are still only 18-20 birds staying.
6. June 7th, 2011, we then enlarged the nesting entrance to a much bigger size as reccomended by a friend since last month. Moved all three speakers inside the door a bit to draw in birds. Add one more horn speaker at the main entrance(total 2). Reduce 2 horn speakers in the roving room to discourage birds playing in roving room.

Birds seemed to like the bigger nesting entrance and more birds now dared to fly inside the nesting room. My partner used Marvelous Cloud as external and internal sound on 1st and 3rd floor. Second floor used Inap as internal sound.

The number of birds in our area is highly related to amount of rain, if there is rain at least 30 minutes in early afternoon, the numbers of birds visiting our BH would increased significantly. So let's pray for more rain everyday.

June11th,2011, after almost 6 months of operation, birds staying is 27 and 8 nests.

June 17th, 2011, my hubby installed 4 sprinkles on the cement roof to help cool down the cement roof that accumulate heat during day time, from 10.00-17.00 o'clock. We used a timer to set it open 5 minutes per hour every hour . Can't really tell whether it helps or not, but at least for a peace of our minds, :).