Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting Better!

As of last two weeks, we have around 30 nests and markings. A much better figure than last report of 11 in July and 16 in August. What have we done?
A friend came all the way from Yala to look at our house, Khun Bon helped commenting on our speakers installation, help tuning our internal sounds, brought us two bottles of liquid Ammonia.
My hubby designed and built a motorized ladder to help facilitating the correction of the speakers' positions.
My hubby installed and completed the 3 ventilation fans controlled automatically by a hygrometer controller.
We, my partner and me, agreed to open another opening into the nesting room despite that all our friends against the idea.
My partner couldn't stand my complaint about the low volume of the external sound, he installed two more external speakers outside the BH.
We observed and observed the behavior of birds everyday from morning til dusk and do all the fine tunings as we could think of.

I am not quite sure, which of the correction above is the most effective one or they all worked together in synergy. I can only be very pleased that the no.of birds and nests increased three folds!

Now when I go inside my BH, I can feel and tell that the smell and the sound are much improved than before.

In a way, I am happy that our BH didn't work from the beginning, and thus gave us this opportunity to see that there are so many good friends outside, who are willing to give advises and helping hands. We also learnt a lot about what swiftlets like and dislike by
ourselves. We learnt what type of weather swiftlets will show up. We learnt how they behaved when we changed the position or volume of our speakers.
But one should not solely depends on others for help, we should try our best to help ourselves first.