Friday, January 29, 2010

My Low Cost Bird Call Gadget

For most men, to assemble your own bird call gadget should be pretty simple and easy.
For most women, it's not an easy thing to digest or swallow.

My low cost bird call gadget works pretty well,it only costs me 840 Baht or US$26.

Let's take a look, it's not that hard if we are willing to learn new things.

1. The picture of the front part of an amplifier. This amp costs me 500 Baht(US$15.5).
It was made in Thailand for export, it is powered by either DC12 V or AC220V.

2. At the back of this amp., there are input hole, DC12V connection, two speakers connection, and 220V connection.
These two speakers and wire cost me only US$ 10.5 ( 9.0 + 1.5 ). That's all my cost.

Mp3 player is free of charge as any household should already had one.
If not, you can get one at extra cost, but it's not that expensive either.

Let's see how it works.

1. I used a mp3 with recorded bird sound plugged into the input hole.
2. Switch the button at the front from 220V to DC12V.
3. Plug the DC12V power line into the cigarette lighter button in the car.
4. Turn on the power switch of the amp.
5. Turn on the mp3, adjust the volume at both the mp3 and the amp.

Wallas, it's done.
Simple, isn't it.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to my dear friend, Khun Wor, who bought me the set and demonstrated to me how it worked.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Location Picked, BH Design Finished

After the survey, I decided to build my first BH.
I found a suitable plot of land, of which I managed to ask the owner
to sell part of them to me. It is now in the process of dividing it into two plots
and doing title deed transfer. It should be finished by end of Jan 2010.

In the meantime, I started to design my own BH. This is a very brave decision to do it on my own without any hired consultant or taking any seminar before. I am quite confident that with all the readings during the past five months, I can put all of my learning into a real thing. However, whether it will work out as hope or not is remained to be seen in the near future.
Well, no pain, no gain, right?

So, it will be a 6* 20 meter (w*l) building on a shallow pond to prevent predators getting into the building. The length will face north and south to avoid too much sunlight and heat accumulation into the building.
On the west side, there will be a double wall, 2 meter apart with 1 meter wide staircase built in between this two meters space. This 2 meters space will function as a heat insulation from the afternoon sun and heat getting into the building.
On the south side, the wall will also be a double wall, 15 cm. apart to avoid heat accumulation into the building as well.
For north and east sides, it will simply be a normal one layer brick wall to save cost. I can do this because I have checked and found that the average temperature and humidity in this area are within the required ranges( 80%RH and under 30 degree celcius) all year round. For other climatic conditions, it is not recommended to do as I did, double walls for all sides are safer.

I will use an open roof entrance at 2* 3 meter and my roving area will be 6*8 meter with 6.5 meter high. There will be 3 stories for nesting room, each at 3.5 meter high. Each inter-floor hole will be 1.5 * 2 meter.

My dear hubby also made me the model of this BH from used corrugated paper at the scale of 1:25. This model was quite useful as I could see whether the design on paper came out the way I wanted or not. Along the way, I had to do few corrections to the design as the model didn't come out the way I wanted.

Hopefully, I can start the construction by Feb 2010 and completed by Jun 2010 the latest.
The total budget excluding land, will be around 2 million Baht or US$ 60,600.