Monday, August 30, 2010

Gadget Hunting, Part2.

Aug 30, 2010.

I got both items from my friend who travelled back from Korea and China.
The thermo- hygrostat is very light and compact. It's functions do serve the purposes of bird house very well and the unit is very easy to operate. My friend also bought one to try on his mushroom culture. It works well too.

For the transducer, it also worked quite well.
It weighed around 7 kg, a heavy duty one!
In fact the transducer isn't that heavy but the transformer that come with it is real heavy.
Many thanks to my friend, SK, who helped hand carry it all the way back from China.

According to the manual, we need to keep the water level 60-80 mm. above the transducer all the time.
So my hubby made me a floater by using a piece of foam and 6 table tennis balls.


With the floater, we can place it in a tall tank without losing any mist producing efficiency.
Walla, it works very well and produce a lot of mist. You can see that the mist is very thick but it sit still covering up the transducer.



Thus I put a fan beside this tank, the mist then came out continuously. See it in action!
It works very quiet too. We can only hear the sound of the water, no electrical motor humming sound.
The manufacture claimed that this unit also produce negative ions that can freshen the air.
I hope birds will likes this refreshen mist and air.

Next step is to fabricated into a close container with water level switch, a fan, and a PVC tube to release the mist into the bird house.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Almost there

The latest picture taken yesterday.

Last Floor1

Last Floor2

The following pictures were taken 27 Aug 2010.

Open Roof

Palm trees on the left side of the building.

Palm tree

Rice paddy field infront, right side and behind the building.

Rice field

Very clear water under the building.

Clear Water

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gadget Hunting

While I am awaiting for my bird house to be finished.
I am hunting for some gadgets to be used in my bird house.
Found two interesting ones:
1. A thermo-hygrostat, we can set the required temperature or humidity for a fan or humidifier to be turned on/off.
It's sensor can be extended to 30 meter. So that we can place this machine in the control room, no need to go inside the bird house to check the temperature and humidity.


2. An ultrasonic transducer for making very fine mist to increase room humidity. This one has an output of 6000 ml/ hour,
plenty of fog!


I did order each of them to try on.
It will need quite some times to know whether they are suitable to my bird house or not.

So slow

This is the latest picture of my bird house taken Aug14th, 2010.
I planned to open the bird house by mid October.
I am not quite sure it will be on time.

4th floor Coulmn

Drain holes on the outside wall.
Drainage outside wall

Ventilation holes for the hot air between two walls.
VH between walls

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cool Down Your Fog

I read that fog made by ultrasonic fogging machine actually increased the temperature in your bird house. This is because water or fog juice has to pass through a transducer that makes high frequency and heat as well.

Of course we do not like higher temperature in our bird house, beside if we can cool down our fog, it will make the fog look heavier and stay longer.

Don't believe me, see for yourself from this young man's video.
How are we going to adopt his idea into our bird house is another headache.