Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are we spending too much on sounds?

Most newbies like me are very excited when we saw a bird call testing with hundreds of birds flying above the house. Thus it makes us become an easy prey to a bird sound seller.

From my readings and my observations through CCTV on my friends’ bird houses, (At this stage, I still do not have my own bird house, so don’t believe in what I say too much, please do more study and observation before you agree with me.) I find that:

- It’s normal that on some good days there are more birds, on some bad days there aren’t any birds at all no matter how good is your bird house location or how old is your bird house.

- On good days, whatever sound we use, or even with no sound at all, there‘s still many birds around our bird house.
So bird sound seller will normally shoot their video on these good days.

- Check this video clip, my friend’s bird house wasn’t quite finished yet, no sound at all, but still many birds were flying
in and out.

- Thus bird sound is just one of the many factors helping to lure birds to come visiting and surveying our house. Good
sounds which can attract a lot of birds to come to our houses doesn’t guarantee to us that birds will stay and make
nest in our houses. It just increase the numbers of birds to visit our house.

- If newbies like us do not understand this point, when not many birds stay in our house, rather than seeing what's wrong in our house, we just keep on looking and buying more and more new sounds. No matter how much we spend on new sounds, new collections, they are still all in vain. Whenever we use a new sound, birds will get excited and come flocking around our house. If we do it on good days, we will be more excited than birds, seeing so many birds around. But not more than one week after, all the excitement die down, birds disappear again.

- There are many others factors that birds are looking for before they decide to stay and make nest. We need to study
into more details, observe more to improve our house.

- Building bird house with a lot of money, but without knowledge and special attention at least in the very beginning
will only lead to failure. Then we will have to go back to the old superstitious belief that some consultants want us
to believe: “Well it’s not my fault, I've done my (either consultant or yourself) best, it all depends on destiny".


  1. Think you have hit the nail at the head. Moral of the story, don't get con by consultants. There are many around, with so many farms around. Number might exceed number of birds ;)

  2. Good consultants are low profile and hard to come by. They don't need to advertise themselves daily and they don't need to keep praising themselves, selling so call miracle products and self-proclaimed gurus giving empty talks. This industry really many conmen around. So as newbies best equipment yourself with knowledge thru reading (good or bad)later observation and hands on with your own bh. THINK not just ACCEPT all consultants said. You can identify good and bad thru what con-sultant talk later. Some to the extend of recommending to terminate yourself with FENDONA! That the best joke of 2010! Get killed before killing the pests. There are so many books/blogs around nowadays to help you. But again, good books and not so good books. Everyone also want a share of the big PIE. ;)

  3. Thank you both so much for reading my blog and kind comments.

  4. Hi
    i am being con by a consultant , adam from KL.
    He has been cheating quite a no of farmers