Monday, September 13, 2010

Birds came to inspect their new house!

My house hasn't been completed yet.
Two walls on the roving room are still not completed.
Metal sheet roofing and roof trust hasn't been erected.
No wood planks, no sound system, every floor there was at least one unfinished wall.

And yet, today in the late afternoon after heavy rain, many impatient birds came to inspect the house without any sound to attract them.
What you may hear from the video is their natural sound.




A big pond in front of my bird house. Certainly a plus for the location.
Big Pond


  1. Beautiful location. Looks like a beautiful successful bh in the making. When you success, remember to give back to the poor cause the white gold is from Above, not belongs to us.

  2. Thank you for your valuable advise.

  3. Good job! Any reasons as to why you erected the walls with different bricks? Are there bricks for insulation at inner walls?

  4. The grey brick is the inner wall of double walls. There will be another layer of outer wall.
    The red brick is used as an outer wall of double walls or also used as a single wall.

  5. beautiful sight!

    i see starter bars for future extension ;P

  6. This is according to sifu WW's advise, "go small first, expand later".