Friday, September 10, 2010

Gadget Hunting, Part3

The Ultrasonic humidifier design drawing.
It will consist of:
1. A plastic container.
2. A cooling coil with compressor.
3. A ultrasonic transducer with floater.
4. A fan with air filter.
5. A floating valve, water inlet and water filter.
6. A PVC pipe.


Will see how well will it work after fabrication.

This product claimed that it can produce negative ion too.

Mist Maker


  1. great idea madam, I like the design esp. the compressor which keep water cold hence cold mist will bring down room temperature. for buoyancy board you can use swimming board which is more durable & better buoyancy, btw where can i buy the 12 head humidifier. my email
    I'm from malaysia. Thanks

  2. I am not quite sure that the compressor will work as designed/required. Will see. Check your e-mail.

  3. The air filter is critical think many designers have overlooked. Check out Wikipedia of ultrasonic humidifier and the potential of spreading air bond diseases. Clean air intake to ensure water mist not contaminated. Cheers.

  4. This humidifier also claimed that it can give out negative ion, which is known to kill microorganisms.
    Not sure how true is it.

  5. Hi there,
    Can i know where i can get the 12 head mist maker? my email